Gooch Consulting & Event Services, LLC

About Us

Who Are We?

Gooch Consulting and Event Services is a company that provides complete consulting for special events and celebrations. Our consultation is professional, backed by many years of event planning and leadership experience. From corporate events, parties, promotional affairs, organizations, weddings, or reunions, we can strategically plan, design, organize and supervise your event from start to finish.

Our Experience

Zetella is a native of New York. Before this career, she graduated from the Mississippi Realtors Institute and made a good living as an investor while providing affordable housing in the community. She holds a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership Degree from Liberty University, a Post Graduate Executive Certification in Strategic Leadership from Liberty University, a Master's of Business Administration Degree from Mississippi State University, a Bachelor's of Science Degree from Jackson State University, and certifications in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Post-Crisis Hospitality and Management from The University of South Florida Muma College of Business.

Zetella is an Accredited Event Designer through The Institute Of Wedding and Event Design and a graduate of studies through The Wilton School for Cake Decorating and Confectionery Art. She has expressed her creativity and displayed her talents at various events and special celebrations. In 2017, Zetella was named a finalist for The Top 50 Leading Business Women in the State through The Mississippi Business Journal. She then was chosen as a Top Ten Finalist for Mississippi's Businesswoman of the Year in February of 2018.

Zetella had successful marketing businesses, which involved extensive event coordination on local, regional, and national levels. Together with several local leaders, she led the expansion of a national company in the Mississippi Area.

As a consultant, she prides herself on risk management, executive leadership, team building, and organizational performance. She is a transformational leader that motivates and inspires teams to achieve their mission.

Zetella and her team have the vision to create dream events where clients have little more to do than show up with their peace of mind. After an inventory of the combined skills that family members had to offer with design, floral decor, marketing, and leadership, they have been blessed with a steady clientele through the benefit of word-of-mouth advertising.

Zetella's mother is an accredited florist. After graduating college with a degree in Public Relations, a Minor in Marketing, and a Master of Business Administration, a Minor in Marketing, Zetella's daughter, Q' Essence Walker, joined the team as the Public Relations and Marketing Consultant.

Gooch Consulting and Event Services, LLC is in its 25th year and is currently expanding; the best is yet to come!

2018 Mississippi's Top 10 Business Woman of the Year Finalist

Dr. Zetella Gooch, DSL, MBA, CTG, AED